Jax Completing Level 3A

It’s been amazing to see Jax grow from starting before he turned 5 to now mastering his scales in Level Continue Reading

Alicia Key’s Favorites

Alecia Stringer performing pieces of Alicia Keys for her piano and voice students.

Piano Student Aidan Favorite Pieces Completing Level 1B

Come check out Aiden’s favorite pieces!

The Voice Audition Songs of Alecia Stringer

Check out several formats of Alecia Stringer singing.

Favorite Classics

I found a classic book that has a lot of popular classic pieces that are generally played at many weddings. I’d love to hear which one is your favorite!

2016 Christmas Favorites

What songs get you into the Christmas spirit?

Here are a few I just grabbed or friends requested. Request your favorite in the comments too!

Adele’s Favorites

Which one is your Adele favorite?

Christmas Favorites of Jax

Give a congrats in the comments and your Christmas favorite.

The Wind In The Aspens

Hear the beautiful wind this season as Alecia shares one of her students progressing with strength.