Bradley Complete’s Level 1A

Encourage and give Bradley some love in the comments to continue playing piano. It’s so great to find your favorite songs when you start as you always come back and remember what you enjoy.

Czerny Book 1 Op. 740 The Art of Finger Dexterity

Czerny Book 1 Op. 740 The Art of Finger Dexterity: Which on is your favorite?

Jax’s Fun Pieces

Beginner student plays Old MacDonald and Good King Wenceslas.

Jax Completes Level 1A!

Jax Completes Level 1A! Watch his accomplishments!

Dreamscapes Review

Prelude in F# minor Reverie Arietta Enchantment Dream Shadows Pastorale Samples from the Dreamscape Book 2 of George Peter Tingley Continue Reading

Classics Listening

Here are a few listening examples from the Faber Classics Level 1 book. I recommend to students that they listen to the full piece to get a better idea of the melody that they are learning.

Let it Go with Vivaldi’s Winter – Has Never Been So Beautiful

This motion filled may get you a little dizzy as you hear the different melodies mix together!

Did you think winter was beautiful too?

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Mozart Sonata Number 16

This Mozart Sonata is the full version with all the repeats. I will break down each section in what they are called as they are ready. 

Get your own ready set

Fountain In The Rain

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Alecia Stringer